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Why have your chimney swept?

Did you know that unswept chimneys are the main cause of Chimney Fires?

It is very important to have your chimneys swept regularly so that the soot in the chimney flue can be removed and reduce risk.  (Remember all fossil fuels produce Carbon Monoxide(CO). Having your chimney swept regularly also reduces any risk of the chimney getting blocked by anything coming through the top of the flue ie.  Birds, nests etc.

It is recommended that your chimney flue should be swept at least once a year, even twice a year depending on usage.  We will always advise you and recommend what is best for you and the flue.

Why is my fireplace smoking when I use it?

There are many reasons for this:

  • It could be that the Flue just requires sweeping or you could have some obstruction ie.  nest.
  • The size of your fireplace may not be suitable in relation to the size/height of your chimney.
  • You may be getting downdraughts.
  • Ventilation of the chimney flue maybe insufficient.

We would be able to look into these issues for you and advise accordingly.

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